Semplicity and details

The power of simplicity, the character of detail.

The rialto48 collection, as we imagined before and created later, has always aimed to suit a lively woman, who thanks to her strong character is able to face any challenge, flourish, and become successful.

This collection, harmonious and essential, simple and feminine, follows her everyday, softening her traits, underlining her strong sensuality, donating her a very special light every single moment of her life.

Our main aim is to ensure and pay attention to the minimum detail, in order to highlight the value of the dress and the person as much as possible.

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Free breathing, the story of a passion

We strongly believe that a detail is often more than enough to make clothes unique and original. What is also very important is to be able to stop wherever and whenever you find an excess of refinement in the dress because this would inevitably mean depriving the person who is wearing it of her own personality and move your sight elsewhere.

Care and attention are our main features, the simple shapes of our articles and accessories are the final target we strive for.

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The woman looks in her reflected image for coherence, respect and love, towards the girl she used to be and the mature and wise woman she will become.

It is also important that she is able to recognize and identify herself or more simply to take care and look after herself.
Finding herself has no boundaries. Age is not a limit.

In an imaginary game of capsizing, the number 16 can become 61, the timeline that unifies them can flow in a palindrome way such as readable backward and forward, with fantasy, simplicity and sobriety, in a perfect balance.

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We love our job

rialto48 puts emphasis and stress on the world around us and as a perfume moves other senses beyond sight. The dress suits and fits and follows the shapes, stirring the air around; the person who is looking at it is able to read it in tune with the person who is wearing it and recognises it as if it were her own.

In this way charm is born that is the strong trait of personality.

To give birth or simply create plain and simple clothes is a really difficult task.

Rialto48 Emozionali FW2324 AJ2 I8034